The City of Belmont is embarking on an exciting new project: the update of our General Plan. The existing General Plan dates back to 1982, and new opportunities, challenges, and approaches have emerged in recent years. The City initiated the multi-year process of updating the General Plan in 2014, beginning what will be a unique and important opportunity for residents to share their ideas about their community’s future.

The General Plan is the City’s primary guide for development, housing, transportation, environmental quality, public services, and parks and open spaces. The General Plan Update is a collaborative effort between the City and its residents to create a vision and a blueprint for development through 2035. Residents have the opportunity to get involved at all stages of the planning process, from the initial visioning and exploration of plan alternatives to the selection of the Preferred Plan and review of its accompanying Environmental Impact Report. 

In conjunction with the General Plan, we will be preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which is the environmental documentation that must accompany the plan according to State law. The EIR ensures that environmental opportunities and constraints are identified and incorporated into the planning process, and it identifies policies that can mitigate any adverse environmental effects of other aspects of the plan. The EIR is a public process as well, and we invite your participation and input during this stage of the planning effort. 

​The City of Belmont has accomplished a great deal since the adoption of the existing General Plan over 30 years ago. Today, the City of Belmont is known for its wooded hills, views of the San Francisco Bay, and stretches of open space. Successful planning efforts have resulted in the development and preservation of highly desirable neighborhoods. Combined with its distinctive community character and small-town ambiance, Belmont is a great place to live, work, and play. The General Plan Update will maintain these positive qualities moving forward.

Belmont’s updated General Plan will have to address issues spanning all aspects of life in the city. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Managing Belmont’s future growth

  • Revitalizing Downtown/Belmont Village

  • Attracting high quality businesses and jobs

  • Protecting natural resources

  • Promoting high quality design of buildings and public spaces

  • Maintaining public safety and municipal services

Finally, the updated General Plan must be crafted in a way that is clear and easy to use, and can be efficiently revised to incorporate future updates and amendments. 

The General Plan update process is anticipated to be complete by late 2016. At that time, the City will have comprehensively updated its General Plan and prepared an accompanying Environmental Impact Report according to State law. The General Plan Update process consists of six main steps. Here is the project status for each:

1. Project Initiation and Issue IdentificationComplete
2. Research, Policy Assessment, and OptionsComplete
3. Preferred Plan and Key GoalsComplete
4. Draft General PlanComplete
Public review period extended through Spring 2017

5. Draft and Final Environmental Impact Report
Note: Joint Document for General Plan Update
and Belmont Village Specific Plan
6. Hearings and Adopted General PlanComplete

Dyett & Bhatia, Urban and Regional Planners is leading the consultant team. 

Additional consultants, with specializations in different disciplines, are:






What's New?

  • The City Council adopted the General Plan at its November 14th hearing! Thank you to everyone who participated in this process!
  • View the final plan here